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Celebrating Our 78th Year - Founded on September 18, 1939

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September 18, 1939 Lions Club Organizational Meeting was held at Simonini’s Restarant .
M. E. Affeld from Elgin helped organize the club. Twenty Members were present.

Meetings 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Dinners at Simonini’s. Dr. Sculley was the club's first president.

October 31, 1939 Ed Benson organized Halloween Parade and games at the school.

December 12, 1939 Dr. Scully announced Charter Night would be held. Postponed, held in January.

December 22, 1939 Lions held community dance at school gymnasium. Party and dance were held.

January 16, 1940 Algonquin Lions Club received its charter. Crystal Lake was sponsor.

February 3, 1940 Lions Club held Bingo Party.

March 16, 1940 Lions sponsored St. Patrick’s Dance at Congregational Church with round and square dances.

April 30, 1940 Indoor picnic held and basket social with wives as guests for club.

June 11, 1940 Dr. J. C. Scully was re-elected as Lions president.

June 25, 1940 Sponsorship of the Boy Scout Troop for next 28 years.

September 10, 1940 Lions resume meetings after a summer vacation.

September 24, 1940 Lions planned a Halloween Party and parade for October 31st and sponsor a Minstrel Show on November 16th.

October 7, 1940 Women’s Club and Algonquin Lions get permission to erect shelter in park.

October 31, 1940 Lions held Second annual Halloween gathering. Parade was led by grade school band (Washington School).
Refreshments and prizes were donated by businessmen

November 26, 1940 Lions Club held dinner meeting at St. Margaret’s Church and Principal Roland B. McCannon spoke on
“How Far America Should Help England”.

December 21, 1940 Club held second annual Christmas party for children at the public school gym

January 14, 1941 Second annual charter and ladies night was held at Crystal Lodge. Roland McCannon was toastmaster,
Charles Ebel was the chairman for the evening. Axel Christiansen who was well known radio entertainer was highlight of
the evening. Music was furnished by Phil’s Music Masters. One hundred members and guests attended.
Club had 27 members.

April 17, 1941 Third annual Lions Roar met at Faust Hotel in Rockford . Founder of Lions, Melvin Jones was the speaker.
His topic was “How Lions Can Do Their Part in the War”.

November 13, 1941 Algonquin Lions Club held Fall Festival, Women’s Club had a gift booth. The club realized more than $200

December 19, 1941 Algonquin Lions club held a Third Annual Christmas party for children at grade school.

January 1942 Lions Club sent care packages to servicemen.

January 27, 1942 Lions Club showed film, public invited of “Batting Around the American League, with Stars of America.
Showed fundamentals of play and highlights with notables Connie Mack, Lou Bordeau, Bob Feller, Jimmy Fox,
Joe Di Maggio in St. Margaret’s Church.

March 10, 1942 Lions club made one of largest donations to Red Cross, $10.00.

May 15, 1942 Lions Club president Roland McCannon and principal of the elementary school ran for McHenry Co. superintendent
of schools against three other individuals.

October 31, 1942 Lion's Club held annual costume Halloween Party at the school,

October 31, 1942. Judges were Miss Martha Nesheim, Miss Marion Bynum, Mrs. D. W. Rattray and george Lazansky.
Prizes were defense stamps and money. Grand Prize Jimmy Evans and David McCannon as organ grinder and monkey

October 31, 1945 Lions hold Halloween Parade and Party for town children.

December 2, 1947 Algonquin Lions Club hold dances at Washington School until 12:30 with Village’s Permission.

August 3, 1948 Lions granted permission to build public shelter in the park.

October 2, 1951 Park petition is circulated by the Lions Club, later defeated by 54 votes.

May 17, 1955 Joseph Zalesky helped set up Little League boys baseball. Lions told Snapper to buy equipment and carry out the program.

September 15, 1955 Annual fried chicken, sweet corn picnic supper is held after the Willing Workers decided to give
it to the Lions Club.

November 25, 1955 Lions Club Barrelhouse Gang led by Snapper Zalesky held its Minstrel Show at Eastview.

January 12, 1956 Annual charter night was held at restaurant at 20 Main Street. Elmer Melahn was in charge of the arrangements.

January 24, 1956 Frank Tafel helped Lions Club enjoy a venison dinner.

February 28, 1956 Annual Pig Roast was held.
Carlton Whitney was chairman of Basketball every Saturday afternoon at Eastview School.

October 12, 1956 Algonquin Lions Troop 151 hosted the Kishwaukee Camp-o-ree at Olson acres across from Hill Top Dr, west of town.

October 31, 1956 President Snapper Zalesky announced George Lazansky as chairman for Illinois Blind Activities.

January 7, 1957 Lions held basketball games for 9 to 12 year olds at the Junior High School. Al Lorenz, Jess Armstrong,
Ed Marshall, Bob Ritt, and chairman Don Schuster.

December 2, 1959 Christmas Tree Sales- Chairman Dr. Robert Nutall, Committee- Jess Armstorn, Bob Broederdorf, George Starr
and Ray Bangert.

January 21, 1960 Lions celebrated 20th Anniversary dinner of the chartering of the club. Benny Dusoll trio furnished the music.

March 8, 1960 Dundee Lion were invited to Pork-kraut Feed where Ray Bangert was the chef.
George Lanzansky was member of the International Council.

December 1, 1960 Lions donated to CARE, Hong Kong. Bob Broederdorf was the chairman for bowling tournament.

June 22, 1961 Lions Club purchased 2.5 acres from Norlin property for swimming pool. Cost was $3,000.
Herman Mass was the chairman making first payment of $1,000.

August 26, 1961 Steer roasted for 27 hours and it was 1,200 pounds. Chairman Robert Nuttall.
Previous year there was 600 requests, 200 too many. Cooking committee was Robert Broederdorf, Jerry Prachar, Ted Boncosky,Warren Wiggins. Lasted 1981 or later?

February 1, 1962 Door to door campaign to sell $80,000 in bonds to build 40 foot by 80 foot pool next to the Junior High.
Total of $20,051 was pledged according Joe Engandela who was promotion chairman.

(Pool idea started in 1916 and was revived in 1957 by Richard Zurchauer, late president of Lions. Formed a group with chairman Dr. J. C. Scully, Warren Wiggins, Herman Mass and E. M. Melahn were VPs, and Ben Getzelman was treasurer; secretary was Arlene Carlson.)

April 13, 1962 Algonquin Women’s Club and Lions held “basket brawl” with Champion baton twirler, pep band,
ladies swim wear fashion show. Tickets were $1.50. Profits of $628 went to the Pool Fund.

December 18, 1963 Six petition to become members of the Lions. Only were accepted to bring club up to its full complement of 75 members. Accepted were John Peterman, Vito Buffalo, E. Coullombe, Don Wilbrandt.

June 25, 1967 Held annual chicken barbecue at the shelter. Chairmen were Dick Melahn and Al Durzin and Dr. Herb Kazmer
handled the barbecuing. Continued to 1973 or later.

August 19, 1967 Lions Club held steer roast during Founders Days, started a 6:00 p.m. followed by old fashion hoedown
across the street.

October 10, 1969 Thad Stolt was an Lion officer who ran for district or state of

December 15, 1969 Lions club along with St. John’s donated 37 turkeys for baskets given to the needy local families..

March 24, 1973 Lions third annual Las Vegas Night was held in Barrington.

June 24, 1973 Lions Club held a Chicken Fry.

August 11, 1973 Lions Steer Roast tickets were $5.00 and could be purchased at the Algonquin Drug Store. Lion Don Brudzinski was chairman of the Steer Roast. Pictured with his were Al White, John Dehlow and Ed Lamb.

November 30, 1973 Lions help spear head Emergency Ambulance Service with a contribution of $7,000.

July 29, 1974 Lions repaired Berg Tennis Court lights. Removed coin timer and have the lights stay on for two hour. Electric bill
was paided for by the Lions.

October 10, 1974 Algonquin Lions celebrated to commerate 35 years. George Lazansky Sr., Gordon Martin, and J. C. Sculley
were honored as original Charter members.
George received special perfect attendance award for 35 years.

February 14, 1976 Lions Club played in “Basket Brawl” with Women’s Club. Each had pro and gag teams.
Ed Hepfinger and Ed Kelly referees

December 5, 1977 Lions Club selling Christmas Trees. Money went to providing equipment for parks and building tennis courts.

October 24, 1995 Lions Club held awards dinner, Charter Night, Perfect attendance went to James Hutchinson, 40 year membership
to Thomas Dawson, 35 year membership to George Imhoff and Richard Price, 25 year membership to James Hutchinson.

April 19, 1996 Lions and Lioness hold Art Auction at the Golf Club of Illinois.

July 31, 1997 Lion Bud O’Brien received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for outstanding services to Lions Club and
James Hutchinson was bestowed a life member.

November 8, 1997 Lions club hosted it annual chili dinner at the American Legion Hall. Profits went to Make a Child Smile
Foundation. Pete Zmich and Wayne Meyer were co-chairmen of the event.

January 13, 1998 Ryan Pytel (7th Grade) and Holly Bero (6th Grade) were announced local Algonquin winners of
International Peace Poster Contest was announced by Lions president Robertson.

March 13, 1998 Fourth Annual Art Auction was held at Golf Club of Illinois by Lions and Lioness Clubs of Algonquin.

March 19, 1999 Fifth Annual Art Auction was held at Golf Club of Illinois by Lions and Lioness Clubs of Algonquin.
Dennis Olsen was contact person for the silent auction that was held.

October 8, 1999 Candy Days was held by Lions Club to raise money for Blind and Deaf Programs in Illinois run by Lions of Illinois.

October 9, 1999 “Adopt A Highway” program is embraced by the club and they clean up East Algonquin Road.

November 20, 1999 Christ Trees were delivered to Port Edwards lot along AlgonquinRoad for annual sale.

September 16, 2000 Lions complete road cleanup along East Algonquin Road.

September 2000 Lions Club contributed $5,000 towards construction of the new Towne Park pavilion that is twice the size as the
old pavilion. Lion Spella accepted the check from the club on behalf of the Village.

September 2000 Brett Sandblom was awarded Lion of the Year by the club.

October 13, 2000 Lions Club held Candy Days for Illinois Lions Sight and Deaf programs.

October 15, 2000 East Algonquin Road was cleaned up by the club.

November 3, 2000 Second Annual Wine Tasting was co-chaired with with Lioness Club at Floyd’s on November 3, 2000.

December 9, 2000 Illinois Foundation Hearing Screening Mobile visits Algonquin hosted by Lions and Lioness Clubs.

January 27, 2001 Lions Club held its Sixth Annual Chili Supper.

June 11, 2004 Lions Club held Algonquin Hill Climb Festival, several antique automobiles coming to Algonquin to race up Huntington Drive.

July 30, 2006 Lions Club carried 20 man Flag during the Founders Day Parade and sold beer for the Lioness Club in
Towne Park after brats cookout.

September 9, 2006 Lions held Hundred Anniversary of Hill Climb was held in Hill Climb Park. Games, vendors, and food along with Antique Car Show.

September 30, 2006 Wine Tasting event was held by the Lions Club.

October 13, 2007 Club participated in Illinois Lions fund raising day known as Candy Days (donations for livesavers).
Funds for blind and deaf Programs in Illinois

October 26, 2006 Charter Night was held in Cusina Bella in downtown Algonquin.

November 25, 2006 Christmas Tree sales began in front of Algonquin State Bank.

December 14, 2006 Lions held their annual Christmas Party in Dundee.

February 11, 2007 Lions worked at Sear Center to raise money for general fund.

March 10, 2007 Chili Dinner held for Cub Scout Packs at St. Johns Lutheran Church annex building from 11:00 to 7:00 pm.

April 23, 2007 Lions worked at Sears Center to raise money for general fund for the third time.

May 3, 2007 Lions helped the Lionesses with Tootsie Pop fund raising.

May 18, 2007 Lions cook for participants in Relay for Life (Cancer Society Benefit) from Midnight to 4:00 A.M. and helped
with the entrance.

May 24, 2007 Installation Dinner was held by the Lions with Jerry Glogowski becoming the 66th President.

June 23, 2007 Lions had food table (brats, hot dogs, chips, ….) for the Swim Meet held at Lions Armstrong Memorial Pool
by Trail of Algonquin Swim Team. Profits were given to Swim Team.

July 14, 2007 Dennis Olsen was given Lion of the Year and Adriann Vrugt was given the Melvin Jones Award for his many
years of servic

July 28, 2007 Northwest Herald ran picture of Jerry Kautz presenting Kathy Tomasino a check for $250.00 to
Operation Support Our Troops organization.

September 24, 2007 Lions Club awarded $2,000.00 Ted Spella Scholarship to Vickie Dwyer who is attending
ECC Nursing Program. Mark Baltzersen

was inducted into the club.

Lions Club of Algonquin

75 years of Community Service