Not for Profit

Incorporated with the IRS as a code 501 (C4) Corporation.
Donations are usually not tax deductable.
The Lions Club of Algonquin Serving the Algonquin Area is incorporated as a Not for Profit Corporation. The purpose of the Lions Club of Algonquin is the opportunity to give something back to the residents and community of Algonquin Illinois and surounding areas. This club Administers and Supports the Algonquin Lions Foundation a Charitable Coproration. The Lions Club Members receive no renumeration for the time and effort that they devote to fulfill the Lions Club objectives. Funds to support the Lions Club administration costs are raised internally by club members. These funds cover the costs of the club operation. As an example: meetings, club materials, and subscriptions (Dues to the Lions Club International).To summarize then as a Not for Profit Organization the Lions Club is an efficient use of the member labor, time and resources. There are no personal financial benefits that our members receive from the Lions Club. However personal satsifacation, camaraderie, and lifetime friendships are a result of membership in a Lions Club. The local club is a part of the Lions Club International with clubs located in most of the countries in the world. The about Lions area of this web site has the links for additioanl information about the Lions Club International and other Lions Club entities. The Group of Lions Clubs as Charitable Organizations have one of the lowest cost of administration and operation expenses as compared to other Charitable groups. As a member Your time, labor, resources, and funding are not diminished by any material amounts over the basic cost of administration. That is there is no group of officers, or others receiving a renumeration from the funds raised for charity by the Lions organizations. We are efficeint and make good use of the time, resources and funding to support the charitable endeavors of the Lions Clubs locally, district wide, statewide and internationally. What it is all about is friends helping friends, people, helping people, caring for people and communities to the best of our abilities.

Charitable Foundation

Incorporated with the IRS as a code 501 (C3) Corporation.
Donations are tax deductable.
The Algonquin Lions Foundation was Incorporated and approved by the IRS January 17, 2017. The Lions Club of Algonquin Not for profit Corporation administers the Foundation. Projects and Events are planned, staffed and implemented by members of the Lions Club to Fund the Foundation Charitable endeavors. Excerpts of the IRS document confirming the Algonquin Lions Foundation as exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) (3) are as follows: We are qualified to receive tax deductable bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522. The Algonquin Lions Foundation is determined by the IRS to be a public charity under the IRC section 170. To date the Algonquin Lions Foundation is compliant under publication 4221-PC, the compliance guide for 501 (c) (3) Public Charities. The guide describes the required record keeping, reporting, and disclosure.

In summary the Algonquin Lions Foundation raises revenue, provides a vehicle to accept tax deductable donations, and as an organizaiton has no overhead expenses other than the cost of good and materials required for our projects. As an example the Annaul Christmas tree Sales expense is the cost of goods (the christmas trees), Materials (The tree wrapping and twine), Heater Fuel, and other miscellanous goods required (Tags and patment processing feesfor instance) to successfully complete the Christams Tree Sale Project. After these expenses then the remaining funds (Profit) are available for use to fund charitable causes (Food Pantry, Eye glasses and eye examinations) as examples. There is no renumeration to our members. THe result is that as a Charitable Foundation the Algonquin Lions Foundation is an efficient charitable fund raising entity.


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