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How Can You Get Involved?

Become a Member

The Algonquin Area Lions Club is always looking for new members. Becoming a member is a great way to get involved in our club and community. Members in this club vary from 100 Percent attendance through members who help on projects as the individual interests and available time permits.  We welcome all to join with various levels of participation to support the goals of this Lions Club.

Attend a Meeting

Stop by and attend one of the Algonquin Area Lions Club meeting or events. You are always welcome to meet with members of this club. We socialize a bit, and usually have food available at our regular meetings. There is discussion about upcoming projects, events and activities of interest to the club. Project status and schedules are presented for discussion. Requests for member participation in the various projects and activities are presented.


The Algonquin Lions Club manages the Charitable Algonquin Lions Foundation.  The Algonquin Lions Foundation is the entity that raises the funds that the Algonquin Lions Foundation uses to support various entities requiring financial assistance.  Examples are: the Local Boy Scouts, Food Pantries, Individuals who require financial assistance for vision related examinations, treatment and eyeglasses. Attend a meeting to obtain additional information as to the entities that this foundation has provided financial support. Learn about the various find raising projects and events that the club will do.


If you are unable to participate and would like to support the goals of the Algonquin Lions Foundation, then donations to the Foundation are appreciated. The Foundation is an accredited 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to providing assistance to the vision and / or hearing impaired. Additionally other community and individual needs are supported. The State of Illinois charity registration number is: 

CO# 01072382.

You can contact the Algonquin Lions Club or Foundation for additional information.


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To Call for Information, Membership, or to Purchase event tickets:
The telephone number is: 847-829-9120
Press 1 to contact the president, Press 2 for membership information, Press 3 to purchase event tickets or flowers,
Press 4 for eye exam and glasses program, Press 5 for informaion about donations to the Foundation,
Press 6 for information about the education financial assistance program,
Press 7 for Christmas Tree Project Informatiom.
You might need to leave a message, Please provide the following information:
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